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The Best Time to Start
by Sydney Clayton

Fasting For vs. Fasting From
by Keela Smith

Fasting Out of Freedom
by Nicole Eaton

Keep Showing Up
by Carly Brandvold

Let Go of Guilt and Perfection
by Courtney Steele

Nashville Needs Jesus
by Leah Solowey

Preparing Yourself for an Encounter with God
by Jana Ogg

You've Got This
by Sarah Sullivan

Encouragement for Week 2
by Dave Clayton

A Note of Encouragement
by Brandon Steele

Families, Kids, & Students

Ethos Students and Fasting
by Josh Willis

Fasting While Nursing or Pregnant
by Caity Shinnick

Ideas for Fasting With Young Children
by Amy Etheridge

Inviting Kids Into Prayer and Fasting
by Kristina Parnell

Fasting: Food

Flowers From Kroger: The Awkwardness of Fasting
by Brandon Steele

I'm Hungry, Tired, Mad, and I Don't Feel Spiritual - What Fasting Can Really Feel Like
by Dave Clayton

Let's Get Practical: Fasting Tips
by Amy Etheridge

Minor Fasting: Sun Up to Sun Down
by Sydney Clayton

Fasting With A Medical Condition
by Audrey (Jackson) Wright

Tips for Multi-Day Complete Fasts
(Practical, honest Thoughts on Multi-Day Fasting (and how it's totally possible!) by an Anonymous Ethos Family Member

Fasting: Other Types

Space For God to Work
(How God used the Bones' social media fast to do something big!)
by Caleb Bone


Growing Deeper in Prayer
by Sydney Clayton

Practicing Prayer In Color
(A creative spiritual discipline to engage you as you pray) by Carly Brandvold

Praying In Practical & Creative Ways
by Caity Shinnick

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